J.R. Watkins Rolls Out Value Size Body Lotion


If you’re like me, you too have a thing about lotion. It’s all about hydration, quality, and ingredients – especially when transitioning between the seasons.  One of my personal fav’s, J.R. Watkins is finally offering their body lotions in an 18 oz. value size, and it’s affordable too!

The 148-year-old manufacturer of gourmet food, home, and personal care products made in the USA, has expanded its line of iconic hand and body lotions with the launch of an 18 oz. value size.

This new size will be available in enticing aromas such as: Lemon Cream, Coconut Milk & Honey, Coriander & Cedar, and a new fragrance free, skin-calming option. This new product line will be available at Target, and other select retailers nationwide for $9.99 (MSRP). This new line of J.R. Watkins hand and body lotions provides consumers with a selection of high quality hand picked ingredients that includes natural oils & extracts at an extremely competitive price.

Each 18 oz. bottle comes complete with a convenient pump and the classic J.R. Watkins “trial mark,” which pays homage to the brand’s deep history. J.R. Watkins hand and body lotions are made with 99 percent natural ingredients including plant oils, Shea and cocoa butters. The lotions are also free of parabans, phthalate, propylene glycol and dye.

“J.R. Watkins has a strong history of providing consumers with high-quality products that they can count on and our new hand and body lotions are another great example of this commitment,” said J.R. Rigley, President and CMO of J.R. Watkins. “We have been listening to feedback from our consumers and believe this new line will offer them just what they’ve been looking for: high-quality products at a great value.”

For more information on the full line of J.R. Watkins products, visit

Target here I come! What’s your favorite scent?

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