Introducing the Bear Music Fest, September 9-11

Bear Music Fest

One Foot Productions and Strong Brew have teamed up for the inaugural Bear Music Fest. The all-inclusive music festival takes place Friday through Sunday, September 9-11, 2016, at Lair of The Golden Bear in Pinecrest, California.


Located approximately 2.5 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area, Lair of the Golden Bear is 100 acres of land, divided into two main living areas: Camp Blue and Camp Gold. Each area offers the same amenities in slightly different layouts. No matter where you stay, attendees are welcome to participate in all shows and activities. The camp-style kids programming was specifically designed so parents can watch the music with or without their kids.

Keeping the numbers down is the key to creating the unique experience.

“The concept behind the festival,” says Executive Producer Kevin Merritt, “is to create an intimate and immersive musical experience in nature which fosters deep connections both to the music and to the musicians themselves. By only offering weekend passes (no day passes) both the attendees and the artists are committed to this temporary community built on a common love and appreciation for the diversity of live music.” Merritt states that the Bear Music Fest is all about maximizing the experience. “Our goal is to combine the nostalgia of summer camp and the intimacy of a friend’s house party with a professionally produced music festival in a natural setting.”

The festival producers’ goal is to get people up close and personal with great music in small venues. Imagine you are relaxing in the pool on a late afternoon into the evening, enjoying a BBQ featuring Latin reggae music from the Bay Area’s own Bayonics. Close your eyes at The Nashville Sessions, while pop-country Risa Binder and urban-Americana’s Eric Stuart Band showcase a true glimpse of the great sounds originating from one of America’s greatest music cities. At Two-Gents Twilight, brush up on your John Hughes’ movies and get ready for the Q Brothers’ unique ad-RAP-tation of Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Additional artists on the festival lineup includes Mother Hips, The Main Squeeze, Caleb Hawley, Eugene Marie, Radio Nowhere, Kevin So, Risa Binder, MENNA, Tornado Rider, and Middlesleep.

The all-inclusive Bear Music Fest is the perfect getaway for music aficionados who prefer to “experience” live music amidst beautiful natural settings. 3-day passes are on sale via

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