Hey there! Thanks for visiting 5XFab.

I started this blog in the Fall of 2015, after 8 years of running my other site. Nothing like adding more to your plate (smile). After years of a pretty active professional life – I needed something more. A place where I can share without hesitation, and not be restricted to a niche. I love my other site (it’s not going anywhere), but a few years in, I quickly realized I needed a personal outlet for my own randomness, and personal joys.

As a Bay Area native, and Berkeley resident – growing up was all about appreciating my surroundings and uncovering hidden treasures. This site has the same purpose. So while I’m staying on the go, collecting points, miles, and enjoying tasty bites along the way – I hope you will also tap into your senses and find something fabulous to celebrate in your life.

Want to chat? Reach me at hello@5XFab.com


P.S. My cat, Annabelle will get tons of shoutout’s, and features…you’ve been warned, lol.